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Now with locations in Santa Barbara and Los Olivos, CA
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Becoming a surrogate is the selfless act of helping an infertile individual or couple realize their dream of becoming a parent. Through the surrogacy process you and the intended parent(s) will embark on a profound and rewarding journey. While there is indeed significant monetary compensation for you, it is the satisfaction of having fulfilled a lifetime dream and helping create a family that is immeasurable. 
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Eligibility Requirements

  • Have given birth to at least one child
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 40
  • Be of sound health with no serious medical problems or conditions
  • Non-smoker
  • Have had no pre-term deliveries unless under extenuating circumstances (i.e. twins)
  • Agree to have a full medical exam including blood tests, drug screen, and other required procedures/exams
  • Agree to participate in the required psychological screenings and background checks

Be a part of the miracle in your community and earn  
$35,000 Plus!