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Now with locations in Santa Barbara and Los Olivos, CA
Deciding to donate your eggs makes other family trees possible. Your donation is a gift which allows an infertile individual or couple to achieve their dream of becoming a parent. It is a contribution that not all people can give, but one that will forever bring great joy and heartfelt appreciation to a family. We at Surrogacy International, Inc. take all donations seriously and will work with you closely to ensure your comfort and confidentiality is maintained. 
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Eligibility Requirements
  • Must live in the United States 
  • Be between the ages 21 and 30
  • Non-smoker
  • Must be of sound health and have no history of genetic disorders or serious medical conditions
  • Must have a flexible schedule
  • Be willing to undergo a psychological evaluation and background check
  • Must have stable living conditions and residence


$5,000 to $10,000 
Plus other benefits!

Become an egg donor. Complete the Donor Application and contact us today. 
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