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How do I get started?
Easy - Just take a few minutes to complete your respective application or questionnaire (for surrogates, donors or intended parents) and return to our office via email, fax, or mail. We will review your application and get back to you with more information. 

How are surrogates and egg donors chosen?
We strive to keep our database of surrogates and egg donors full of diverse women - varying in personalities, physical traits, backgrounds, etc. All surrogates and egg donors must meet the eligibility requirements and “pass” the required medical and psychological exams, screenings, and background checks. Each intended parent has their own criteria and preferences when searching for a surrogate and egg donor, but we are confident we can find excellent matches for everyone involved. 

Can you still help us if we do not reside in the United States?
Intended Parents – of course! We have served domestic and international intended parents for more than 30 years. We know each state and country has its own laws and guidelines and we have the experience to navigate the process with you. Surrogates and Egg donors – unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications from potential surrogates and donors residing outside of the United States. 

Does the embryo transfer process hurt?
While we cannot guarantee your experience, we can say with confidence that most egg donors and surrogates experience only minor discomfort, if any. Egg donors are given a light sedative for the egg extraction and are typically able to return to regular activities within 24 hours. Some spotting is common. It takes only a few minutes to transfer the embryo to a surrogate’s uterus. This is typically painless, however, bed rest is often required for 24-48 following the procedure to allow the embryo to successfully attach itself. 

As a surrogate, do I still have options once I’ve been matched to an intended parent?
Absolutely. We try to match intended parents with surrogates based on the extensive profiles we obtain. All surrogate matches are presented to the intended parents to make their final decisions. This decision, however, is extremely intimate so a personal meeting may be requested. All parties must be completely comfortable before moving forward.  Furthermore, you will have your own legal counsel appointed to you throughout the process to ensure your legal rights are never compromised. 

As an intended parent, what can I expect the surrogacy process to cost?
Every surrogacy arrangement is different so an exact amount cannot be determined. We have compiled some basic guidelines and estimates, however. Click here, to view the "Intended Parent Fee Schedule." 

As a surrogate and/or egg donor, what can I expect to be compensated (paid)?
Every surrogacy and/or egg donor arrangement is different thus exact compensation cannot be determined before a contact has been drafted. Surrogates and egg donors with previous experience, however, do receive additional compensation. To view Surrogacy International, Inc.'s "Surrogate Benefits Package," click here. To view Surrogacy International, Inc.'s "Donor Benefits Package," click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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